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I'm off to Tuscany

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I'm off to Tuscany

Post by Serapis » Mon Jun 16, 2008 7:52 pm

Heading to Tuscany on Friday. Although I've been there a few times before I wasn't a geocacher then. It's not great for caches by the look of it and even my two night stay in Rome doesn't look too great. (I'm not a great urban cacher anyway). Has anybody cached in Itailina before, any insights? From my previous visits I reckon it should be a great caching country but it seems like a bit of a desert. there are more caches Waterford than the the Two of the caches in Rome I sussed out need an entrance fee!


Post by johnrm » Mon Jun 16, 2008 8:25 pm

I did Rome this year.

Ave Caesar was the only one that I remember needed an entrance fee, as its in the forums.
If you're on Terracaching, theres one in there too, but in its favour, the Forums, while I missed any opportunity to wander around, are pretty cool.

The Colosseum cache does not require entry, but if you've not been to the Colosseum, you've not been to Rome! For a few quid more, you can get a ticket that covers the forums as well.


Post by johnrm » Mon Jun 16, 2008 8:57 pm

We were there for 2 full days, followed by a friends wedding.
TBH, don't go too far off the beaten track, as they will take away from the time you have over there and you won't be too impressed with some of the locations.
It would be a shame to 'Do Rome' and miss out on the sights because you ended up rooting around near rubbish and 1/2 hour walk from the sights.
Of the ones I did, do these ones...
Circus Maximus
Nano St. Angelo
Gilligan au roma
Fistful of Steps - purely because I like Sergio Leone! And theres some nice and reasonable restaurants in Trastevere.
Giostre de Gastone, on foot is very close to Fistful of steps, start from the top of the Fistful of steps, and you'll find another set of steps.
(We ended up going around the world to get to this!)

I didn't as there were queues, timing or time wouldn't allow...
Mouth of truth
Ave Caesar (Plus bonus Terracache)

Ones I really wanted to do, but we got lost (Long story!)
Noon Boom
Jenny Coolo

Lots of Googling might help...
The Four sisters (otherwise start with this, and decide if you want to complete it.)

Have fun in this wonderful city, amazement around every corner!


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