March 13th 2017

When I established the forums in 2005 it was to offer a more richer web experience and greater functionality than the platform where we started this social adventure in 2003, Yahoo Groups. The forums were once a busy hive of activity and provided locals and visitors with a wealth of information just like the Geocaching Ireland Discussion Group on Facebook today.

It was a time where we didn't have the many social media platforms we have today, and it was a different time in terms of mobility and technology. There was no instant access to information, no Google Maps and a very limited base map on your GPSr. Mobile connectivity for me was a 9600bps Infrared connection from a Nokia to a laptop and in later times to a PDA using WAP.

As we moved into the social media era so did our forums users. Geocaching Ireland moved there too, and we have a thriving community on the Geocaching Ireland Discussion Group on Facebook. As a result, forum activity isn't what it used to be and I have taken the decision to disable new registrations to the forums and to make the forums read only so any information there can still be accessed.

The discussion hasn't ended, it has just moved. Join us on the Facebook Geocaching Ireland Discussion Group .


seeking: geocaching buddies for road trips and hiking!!

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Great Sugarloaf 501m
Great Sugarloaf 501m
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seeking: geocaching buddies for road trips and hiking!!

Post by HisAirlessness » Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:57 pm

Hello Geocaching Ireland community!!

my name is Max and my geocaching handle is "HisAirlessness". I moved to Ireland in June to do a 5 month Erasmus traineeship in Malahide. Part of the appeal in taking this particular position was that I was promised enough time off to travel and to really get to know Ireland, which is exactly what I've been doing (or trying to do) for the past 2 months, along with a few caches here and there . . . However, traveling by bus and train does get a bit expensive over time, which is why I've decided to join this community to possible find some other cachers to team up with, ideally ones who own a car and are looking to go on the occasional road trip.

So, in case there are cachers out there in the larger Dublin area who are generally interested in driving to a few cool GC spots for a day or possibly a weekend, and you're interested in having a new face alongside you, let me know. I am especially interested in hiking, earthcaches and virtuals. Simply get in touch with me here or through my GC profile. I am open to anything and look forward to hearing from you!!


Blue Jay
Carrauntoohil 1039m
Carrauntoohil 1039m
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Re: seeking: geocaching buddies for road trips and hiking!!

Post by Blue Jay » Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:04 pm

Hi Max - welcome - glad to see you're having fun. May I suggest going to one of the regular events so you can meet up with some local cachers? Unfortunately there were two on yesterday or another - I will probably hold a Chatty Cache soon so keep an eye out :D

Another suggestion is to post this on the Geocaching Ireland Facebook page - a lot more cachers are on there regularly.

We are a friendly bunch and I'm sure you'll get several offers if you can reach people.

Good luck I'll keep an eye on what answers you get.

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Lugnaquillia 925m
Lugnaquillia 925m
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Re: seeking: geocaching buddies for road trips and hiking!!

Post by fitzet » Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:01 pm

This one might appeal to you. An Event & a group attempt on a T5 in a remote part of Wicklow.

If you need a lift, I suggest posting a note on the Event page.

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