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Placing Caches in FSNI Maintained Forests

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Placing Caches in FSNI Maintained Forests

Post by Croaghan » Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:51 pm

Background Threads:

1. FSNI denying access to geocaching on lands owned and maintained by them: ... =20&t=2392
2. Email confirming that geocaching is now a permitted activity on FSNI lands: ... =20&t=3520


Just over 2.5 years ago I received a communication that FSNI were denying access to geocaching on lands they own and maintain. Negotiations were opened between the GAGB and FSNI to try and reverse this decision and put in place a best practice for cache placement. These negotiations stalled and were put on hold in March 2010 and geocachers in Northern Ireland were left in limbo and very frustrated by what many saw as a simply bureaucratic decision.

Fast forward to February 2012 and opalcutter made the surprise announcement that FSNI have reconsidered geocaching as part of the new legislation covering the use of forestry lands and have confirmed that geocaching is now a permitted activity on their lands.

Hats off to opalcutter for completing what has been a long process and with such a successful outcome.

Way Forward

With this announcement Graham and myself have been formulating a way of making cache placements fit with the stated requirements of FSNI according to their new bylaws. We have come up with the following:

1. All cache owners will have to confirm that they have read the Leave No Trace Best Practice Guidelines ( and confirm that their cache adheres to them.

2. The placement of micro or nano caches would be inappropriate in a forest location as a search for such a cache is likely to result in damage to the forest environment so containers should always be "small" or larger.

3. To further ensure no damage to the environment please take some time to review your placement to make sure that it is sensibly located, that your coordinates are accurate and if it is a difficult cache to find that you have provided a suitable hint.

I'm sure everyone will agree that we need to cultivate a good relationship with FSNI and that these requirements ensure that we meet their expectations of sensible cache ownership and geocaching in general.

As always please feel free to ask any questions or add any opinions below.
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Re: Placing Caches in FSNI Maintained Forests

Post by sperrinwalker » Sat Apr 28, 2012 9:05 pm

:D Great news! Well done Alan. =D>
Looking forward to placing a few caches throughout FSNI forests in the Sperrins soon.........

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