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Placement of caches in graveyards.

Geocache Placement and Review Discussions

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Lugnaquillia 925m
Lugnaquillia 925m
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Placement of caches in graveyards.

Post by golaman » Mon Sep 01, 2008 4:38 pm

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to raise this issue but I would seek clarification in relation to the placing of caches in graveyards. I have no doubt this has been aired in the past but I have not looked as I am interested in the present rulings/views.
I have noticed over my few months caching that there are some placed in graveyards - in some instances in the vicinity of the surrounding wall but also placed under headstones and in very close proximity to graves.
The first I have no problem with as this brings us to some very lovely locations and I must admit I do enjoy strolling around graveyards reading the headstones. The latter however I am not very comfortable with for what I feel should be very apparent reasons.
I myself have in mind a little noticed and disused graveyard for a site but it will be placed somewhere on the boundary and not under or in a grave.

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Carrauntoohil 1039m
Carrauntoohil 1039m
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Post by SargeNI » Mon Sep 01, 2008 8:20 pm

I would tend to agree with you on the placement of caches in graveyards, I would also like to extent that to other locations like shrines, memorials etc.

I've been to a few cache site which I have been distinctly uneasy with and walked away from. I feel particular unhappy about searching and moving things that obviously have great meaning to others. Very ofter the placer of the cache has been very respectful but this is not that clear in the text, therefore you sometimes have to search a large area prior to finding the cache.

While I don't want to be specifically told where the cache is hidden or have more rules on placement, I would appreciate if the log mentioned, that it did and did not involve in claiming the cache, like you said, not in or on a grave. Then I could make up my own mind up if I wanted to visit the site.

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Post by johnrm » Mon Sep 01, 2008 9:57 pm

Then theres the debate about In or On a monument or building.
I've come a cross a few caches that are borderline and have to question the placement.
Search and retrieval in some instances can involve the removal of part (Stones/Rocks) of the Monument/Building which (apart from any rules governing placement) is not really doing much for the preservation of said Monument/Building.

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