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When I established the forums in 2005 it was to offer a more richer web experience and greater functionality than the platform where we started this social adventure in 2003, Yahoo Groups. The forums were once a busy hive of activity and provided locals and visitors with a wealth of information just like the Geocaching Ireland Discussion Group on Facebook today.

It was a time where we didn't have the many social media platforms we have today, and it was a different time in terms of mobility and technology. There was no instant access to information, no Google Maps and a very limited base map on your GPSr. Mobile connectivity for me was a 9600bps Infrared connection from a Nokia to a laptop and in later times to a PDA using WAP.

As we moved into the social media era so did our forums users. Geocaching Ireland moved there too, and we have a thriving community on the Geocaching Ireland Discussion Group on Facebook. As a result, forum activity isn't what it used to be and I have taken the decision to disable new registrations to the forums and to make the forums read only so any information there can still be accessed.

The discussion hasn't ended, it has just moved. Join us on the Facebook Geocaching Ireland Discussion Group .


Hi, my name's rutson and I'm a geocacher...

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Hi, my name's rutson and I'm a geocacher...

Post by rutson » Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:59 pm

Yes, I admit it, I look for tupperware in woods...

Oh... hang on! So do you lot :lol:

I'm reliably informed it's nice and friendly round 'ere so I thought I'd say hello.

I suspect some of you may know me as that cantankerous fool from the Groundspeak forums, I'm not *always* like that, I promise.

In fact... I'm sure I've met some of you as I once came over to an event in Dublin.

Enough rambling (yes... I'm one of *those* too), why am I here?

In the week before the Mega, we're coming over to the Emerald Isle for a few days for several reasons:
  • Never been before (good enough reason in itself!)
  • It looks really nice
  • My Dad was born in Portrush and I want to see it and take my boys there
The plan, such as it is so far is:

Arrive in Larne the morning of Sunday 25th July
Depart from Belfast at lunchtime on Thursday 29th July

We'll be camping somewhere in the region of Portrush with a view to exploring the northern coast.


Are there any "must-dos" in terms of places to go as well as caches, of course!

My OH is a tolerant non-cacher who's interested in things like stone-circles and the like so any of those are interesting too :-)

I do tend to organise caching events when I go away on holiday and I doubt this one will be an exception so look out for "Meet + Drink = Smiley, the Norn Iron connection" being published soon :P


Re: Hi, my name's rutson and I'm a geocacher...

Post by Donmoore » Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:07 pm

Hey Ian! welcome to your mad relatives forum. unfortunately I'll not be there on your planned dates but you'll have more than a warm welcome up in the North west. Batsgonemad will be more than obliging in welcoming you as he is a resident in Portrush and his other half andhissquirrel run a B&B.
You and your kin folk will love it up there a must do is the giants causeway which will be a great experience for the whole family.

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Re: Hi, my name's rutson and I'm a geocacher...

Post by beefy4605 » Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:40 pm

If you are in your car you should follow the A2 (Coast Road) from Larne to Ballycastle to Bushmills to Portrush. You will find a good selection of caches right the way round the coast with something to suit your needs .
Of course a selection of cakes and pastries from Betty's of Harrogate will be needed to unlock the finer secrets of the North Coast :wink:
Hope you get some decent weather when you are here. Batsgonemad and his squirrel , Modejaal and myself have a number of caches in the area and will be happy to help (I hope) with any queries you would have . Any specific questions just ask and we'll do our best to help.
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Re: Hi, my name's rutson and I'm a geocacher...

Post by dino » Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:06 pm

Hi Ian...welcome to the forum. If you get good weather you'll be in one of the nicest parts of the country and even if it's not so nice you'll still get to see some great scenery and caches.

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